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Veteran actress, Idowu Phillips, better known as Iya Rainbow, has debunked speculations that she was planning to retire from the industry that made her popular.

Speaking with Encomium magazine, the actress said only death can stop her from acting and singing because the industry is now part of her.

“It’s only death that can stop me from acting and singing. I am an entertainer for life. Any level they take theatre practice to, I am always ready. I have not retired and I don’t have any plan to quit.

“The only thing is that the kind of movies they produce these days do not conform with people of my age. Is it someone like me that will be crying in a movie, act like a cultist, God forbid. That’s why you don’t see me in some of the movies again.

“But if I have any good script and I am satisfied with the storyline, I am always ready to accept such,” she stated.

Iya Rainbow further explained that she has been scarce on television screens because she is now more devoted in God’s work.

“I am not working on any movie at the moment. I want to use this time to feed the people with the Word of God so that they can repent. A lot of theatre legends have died, they need to be remembered and celebrated. I am therefore using this medium to call upon the government at various levels, corporate organizations, eminent people in the society to come forward and assist us financially,” she said.

“We should set aside a day for them, exhibit their movies and treat them as if they are still alive,” she suggested.