Handsome Nollywood actor, Emeka Ossai, is one actor many will be easily familiar with following the numerous movies he has featured in and ongoing TV sitcom, ‘Clinic Matters.’

Emeka blessed with good height and nice smiles while on red carpet unknown to many was a run way model and one of the most sought after models in Nigeria back in the 80s until his retirement from modelling in early 2001.

“Modelling was my first in-road into entertainment. It spanned between 1986 and 2001. Starting with top campaigns like Peak milk, Maclean, Golden Soya Oil, Golden Guinea beer, Celsius cosmetic range, Cybele Cosmetics, PZ beauty products range…a whole lot I can’t fully recall now. I was also a top runway model and rose to become Nigeria’s first choice model before retirement,” he told Vnolly.

The actor stated that when he compares modelling to acting, he would prefer to settle with modelling because then it was classic and the pay involved was good with less work to do.