RELATIONSHIP: When Is The Right Time To Say ‘I Love You?’

I. Love. You. How is it that just three little words can be so difficult to say, and have such a profound impact on your relationship?

Blurt them out too early and you run the risk of serious awkwardness. Wait too late and your partner may assume feelings aren’t reciprocated. So, when is the right time to let someone special
in your life know it’s more than like?

When it comes to the L-Word, everyone seems to have his or her own timeline. It really depends on your past experiences and how well you know about what you love in a partner, what may take six months for some to realize, may take others two weeks. And then, of course, there are those who argue that love, true love, takes years to develop.

Confusing, no? Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. If you’re debating dropping the L-bomb,
asking yourself these questions can help you figure out when it’s the “right” time for you.

Do you feel like you can’t hold it in anymore?
Like, you’ve been sitting on it for at least a month and feel like you’re going to explode… or you’re terrified it might just slip out after a few glasses of wine That’s your guts way of telling you it’s time. “

Do both of you both go out of your way for the other?
“Actions speak louder than words.” It’s a saying for a reason. Pay attention to little things you and your partner do for each other. Those are the best indicators about where your relationship is heading. “

Do the most important people in his life like you, or at least know you exist?
Whether it’s his mom or his best friend from high school, whoever the VIPs in his life are, they know you’re a big part of his life. Think about: When you’re crazy about a guy, don’t you want to tell everyone about how amazing he is? If he’s keeping you in the dark about his other personal relationships, it’s a red flag.

Do you love your partner’s quirks for better or worse?
As weird as it sounds, you know it’s the real deal when you realize your SO’s so-called “shortcomings” and love them entirely, regardless. If your girlfriend is always running late to everything and you realize that even though it drives you nuts, you accept that that’s who she is and you can’t change it. When you love someone, you’re willing to compromise.

Have you survived your first big fight?
Not fighting isn’t a good thing. You’re going to disagree (and should disagree) at different points
throughout your relationship. Even the most effortless relationships require work, and you should feel 100 percent certain that you both are willing to put in the effort it requires.

Have you made future plans together?
A good indication that it’s serious? When you literally can’t picture your life down the road without that person.  So are you ready for the ‘I Love You?’