Nigerian Woman marries her childhood Lover

The story of a Nigerian woman who married a white man has gone viral. The man was said to be her childhood friend. The interracial wedding took place in London, the UK, last weekend. Oliver and Tayo Arkle were childhood friends In a world where race, tribe and tongue are basis of bias, this wedding seem to cut through every barrier of colour and every prejudice of a nation. The pictures below tell the best what is there to be told of this beautiful union. see more photos below


Oliver proposed to her on the 19th of January 2014, at the Heathrow Airport


The story cuts across the barriers of colour


The happy British-Nigerian couple exchange rings


A selfie from a happy couple, who have been knowing each other since kids


Oliver and Tayo Arkle in traditional attire


Pre-wedding photo shoot of the bride and the groom

zv7The newly-weds in traditional attires


Time flies


The new husband and the wife share a passionate kiss The couple, Tayo and Oliver Arkle met in high school back in 2003, they were placed in the same reading class because their last names began with Letter ‘A’.


Tayo and Oliver Arkle were put in the same class by an accident The first time Oliver asked her out, her first response was “no”, which she immediately felt terrible about, so the same night she phoned Oliver to see if he was ok. His mum answered the phone and after handing it to him, they began talking endlessly, initiating a beautiful friendship.


Tayo denied her future husband a date. From then on, Oliver and Tayo became inseparable lovers. He proposed to her on the 19th of January 2014, at the Heathrow Airport. The couple tied the knot this past weekend. We wish them a happy married life.