Transgender Kim Kardashian lookalike bombarded by fans in Times Square, looking for her Kanye



Thalia Almodovar spent a lot of money in order to look like Kim Kardashian, so she is always pleased when Kardashian fans come running up to her.

Thalia, who is transgender, says that she knew when she was in her teens that she wanted to find her own Kanye and that she wanted to transition.

“I began transitioning in high school but I didn’t tell anyone,” she said.

“I don’t see myself in the mirror as transgender, I just see myself as a woman. I have always been very feminine since I was little it’s not like I was a football player so I don’t think it’s astonishing that I look like Kim.”

At first, Thalia wasn’t trying to look like Kim Kardashian; she was simply transitioning. But when a friend pointed out the similarities and Thalia began to notice that people treated her differently, she ran with it.

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on butt and breast implants, as well as on the Kardashian-style outfits, Thalia says she has achieved the look as well as the attitude.

But she’s still looking for her own Kanye, she says.

“Sometimes I am just not in the mood when guys just want to talk to me because I look like Kim without getting to know me — that annoys me.

“I had this guy that dated me only because he had an obsession with Kim and he thought that I look like her — it was like almost a fantasy.

“I’m single now so I’m on the lookout for my own Kanye.”

But in the meantime, Thalia just loves to be mistaken for Kim.

“I would get preferential treatment in clubs and restaurants — walking down the street people would mob me for selfies, it was incredible.”

“A lot of women love Kim because of the way she looks and for her curves. Men love her because of her curves as well and because she is beautiful – so I have never had a mean reaction looking like Kim.”