Jose Mourinho didn’t stand a chance of coaching his daughter on what to wear

It’s de rigueur these days for powerful men to self-effacingly claim that, despite their despotic authority at work, at home they are routinely bossed about by the wife, the kids and bullied by the family labradoodle.

We don’t always believe them. But the photograph of jose mourinho squiring his provocative attired daughter to the GQ Men of the Year awards was priceless evidence of the not-so Special One’s place in the family pecking order.

Aged 18, Matilde was dressed to the nines. No, make that the sevens, as a crucial element of her outfit had unaccountably been left languishing on the subs’ bench.

Was her £2,145 Balmain creation a tiny dress, or a big jacket? It was impossible to tell, given the fact that we all so distracted by the sheer front of the girl.

It was hard to define the expression – the rictus – on the Chelsea manager’s face. Fury, mortification, wariness, all-comers pugilism at the first hint of a wandering eye.

One can only begin to imagine the heated conversation before the pair left the house. It is, after all, a parental right and responsibility to wave the yellow card on the doorstep – even if it is just to point out that it’s legs or décolletage, never both.

How amusing, then, that macho Mourinho, who is accustomed to calling the shots in his day job, was unable to persuade his own daughter to pop on a thermal vest or even a fetching royal-blue polyester Home shirt.

But all the coaching in the world clearly fell on deaf ears. The fact he told the press that he’d only gone to the event at his daughter’s insistence weakened his hand further.

He might have been receiving the Special Editor’s award, but it was Matilde’s night. A three-nil victory for Daddy’s Girl.