seduceLEARN TO DANCE: dancing is one of the most seductive thing a girl can do to seduce a man. You have to learn different style and technique of dance.

LEARN TO WALK LIKE A MODEL: one of the thing that gets a man crazy about a woman is how she walk, if walk confidently, strong, good swagger , excellent posture this is a kind of things a man wants to see in a woman.

WAIT UNTIL HE IS INTERESTED: the sign may not be obvious. Remember most men want attention from women to flatter her. Be floating with the man, talk to him, show some respect in a seductive manner. But the point is, show that you are happy with your body. Try to hit the man on some things, example, if the guy works too much suggest to him that he is missing some fun. Also ignore him for a while, give him the space to think that he is not going to get a girl.

CANCEL PLANS YOU MAKE WITH HIM: cancel some plans you make with him, but give him a sincere heart full apology. Touch him, perhaps on the hand, wrist. This will in a solid way demonstrate that you are interested in him.

GETTING CLOSE TO HIM: when I mean getting close, am talking about putting your head on his shoulder, this is a great one and then leave room for him to thing why you could do that. Guys like to know that you like them just the way women like to hear. Always make eye contact with him. The eyes are said to be the window of the soul. So make sure he knows that you are trying to get inside his soul. Always talk about some little stuff, like the movies or dinner, any thing you know its simple but let it always be present things at the moment
By the time you all this things, the man is possibly and already thinking of the next level. But it is up to you weather you are going to take it to the next level.