Kobe Bryant’s hat on sale for $38k, who wan buy

Two Kobe Bryant-inspired hat designs were launched each with an expensive price tag. One of the hats shown is a purple Italian cashmere hat with 5 yellow diamonds on top of the 24 logo to represent his 5 rings and 5 championships and gold snakeskin under the brim. That’s priced at $24K


The second one is much higher. Coming in at $38K, the black lambskin hat features an 18-karat gold “24” logo, plus gold and black snakeskin to represent Kobe’s “Black Mamba” nickname.

These hats are limited edition. Only 8 hats will be available for purchase at the Staples Center at the TEAM LA store. And the hats are treated with A-list care—Brink’s truck transportation, flights, and security guards.

2Chains was invited to try out the hat and he loved it and even revealed that he’s a huge fan of Kobe Bryant, however when he was told the price of the purple hat was $24, he said…Aww men shut the hell up!  “A f*cking hat that cost 24 thousand? I dig the whole cashmere, the leather, and the lambskin. I’m not sure I would pay for it. Maybe Jack Nicholson,” he said