Tosyn Bucknor’s oyibo husband Says why He Loves Her Th

The Frenchman and Lafarge’s Affordable Housing Manager, Aurelien Boyer, in a recent interview talks about his Nigerian woman.

Speaking on why he married his wife, he said, “I married Tosyn (Bucknor) because she is Tosyn and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. (It is) not because she is a Nigerian woman. But if I had to pick some of her traits I love and that I admire in some other Nigerian women, I would point to her independence,  ambition, self-drive, entrepreneurial spirit, strength, and energy.”

Mr. Boyer also talked how his French friends or European colleagues have been asking for his advice on how to date a Nigerian lady; “It has actually happened. I tell them to listen to Fatai Rolling Dollar’s song ‘She go run away’ to get a clue.

In case you don’t know, Boyer’s Nigerian names are, “Omowale Ajala. Omowale was actually given to me by my company’s matron and people started calling me that. She has now even adopted me as her ‘son.’ I gave myself Ajala as I have been travelling a lot in Nigeria. I have travelled and worked in 13 states in Nigeria.”