Actress Oge Okoye’s Single Mother Life

Oge Okoye

Sometimes, being a single mother might just be the best option as it gives many the opportunities of caring for their children and doing their businesses without any argument with a man.

This perception is actually coming from the fact that since Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye, left her man some years back, she has been looking radiant by the day.

Enjoying her life to maximum with her kids, she has been able to keep late nights, travel around without any man challenging her and she has been enjoying herself as it looks like she is not ready to give any man a space in her heart.

Recently, the mother of two stepped out looking pretty and well dressed considering how she has blessed her fans with some raunchy pictures but this time, she seems to have gotten it right with her lace blue outfit with a blend of yellow head tie and shoe to match.

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