Marriage Was A Hindrance to My Celebrity Life- says Felix Lebarty

 Felix Lebarty

Felix Lebarty

A long time ago, Felix Lebarty was one of the celebrities of his time. His debut album  titled, “Lover Boy”, got over him that he ended up fathering 17 children from different women.

He lived a very reckless life that almost destroyed him before he realized mistakes, after he embraced Christ and finally dumped his old lifestyle few years ago.

He talked about his years as a celebrity “Marriage to me then was like a hindrance. It was like a  burden to me. There was lack of understanding and  respect for one’s partner.  Though you are married, you are not faithful to your wife. That’s a dangerous practice  that can destroy any marriage, it’s spiritual blindness.”

He has other women who gave him kids. To help these kids from making mistakes like him,he always talk to them and also keep a cordial relationship with the women “I talk with them most of the time because of the children.

I try as much as possible to make  them understand that we are living in this world not by our power or our might, but by the grace of God. Most of my children are in the university now. And I always advice them not to make the same mistake that I made during my time.”