Timi Dakolo in Trouble for Distracting his Pastor

Timi Dakolo

There are some things that needed not to be done by some celebrities as they are role models to many but for singer, Timi Dakolo, he may have missed it this time base on the way he was being judged recently.

The singer and his family had stepped out for Sunday service only for him with some of his friends to be having a good selfie session while the preaching was going on.

He even went as far as bragging that, “A selfie in church never hurt nobody,” but his fans were not cool by such statement.

Timi of all people, who thrills his fans with his inspiration songs is expected to known that having fun with material things of the world while God’s message was going on is actually wrong as the Bible says, “There is time for everything,” but he forgot that verse as he got engrossed in the photo session.

Sure those that understand the Bible will not spare him as they came hunting him which got him angry with threat to block anyone who dares insult him.