Nollywood Actress Yetunde Adewale, Blames Sexual Harassment On Financial Problem

 Yetunde Adewale

Yetunde Adewale

The issue of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry is no more a news.

Although most actor often debunk the tale, and it is quite understandable as no one wants to live with such stigma.

Those who falls prey mostly are the upcoming actors who ends up swapping their dignity as a woman for a movie role.

In a  recent interview, Nollywood fast rising actress, Yetunde Adewale disclosed  that the cause of rising sexual harassment in the Nigerian movie industry is a result of financial problems.

The actress, revealed that personally she has never faced sexual harassment in the industry, an answer well expected.

In her words: “I have never been sexually harassed but harassment is a product of financial challenges. If you do not have any financial constraint, you will not need to go and beg anybody except you are soliciting for a role because they do not know you yet.”