Falze Discloses He Feared Being In His Father’s Shadow



Being a brand of your own is quite essential, finding your niche and building your own brand, is something every entertainer wants.

Leveraging your career on someone else success, doesn’t tell much nor gives you the needed respect as an entertainer.

This is what the son of popular lawyer and activist, Femi Falana’s son, Falz feared when starting his career.

His father is widely known in Nigeria and he wanted to be his own brand without leveraging on his father’s success.

And luckily for him he made it, he is his own brand that is widely known and loved by many.

In his words: “The fear I had about coming into the limelight was that I would always be in my father’s shadow because he was out there already as a renowned activists and lawyer. I didn’t want to be known as famous human right lawyer Femi Falana’s son because i am much more than that.”