I’m One Actor That Don’t Lie to people- Walter Anga

Walter Anga

Well, rather than join some of his league celebs using toning cream on their skin, handsome Nollywood actor, Walter Anga, believes there are other secret ways to staying healthy.

With his good looks, he has been the one attracting various single ladies with his good looks and especially his pink lips which is a trend in vogue.

Despite being married with kids, he still looks young and clean and according to him, the secret has been him living an honest life.

He added that when eating, he eats slowly and not rush food and he tries not to lie to people as he reveals that he is 39 soon to be 40.

In his words, “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age (laughs). I am just 39 going to 40.”