How to Kiss Passionately

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How to Kiss Passionately

Best Tips to Kiss Passionately:

1.) Make Sure Your Breath is Fresh and Clean

If you have practice good oral hygiene and you have any doubt about your breath then take a breath mint before the kiss. Finish the mint or gum before you kiss your partner.

  • Be careful as there are some mints that may leave a bad taste and make your breath worse. Water is the best solution and freshen your mouth and doesn’t leave you thirsty.

2.) Be Confident When You Approach the Kiss

Kiss your partner’s cheek so that he or she turns their head your way. Once you have decided to choose the right moment to kiss someone, there is no turning point especially if it is your first kiss. Be confident and be decisive. If your partner doesn’t want the kiss, then he or she will tell you.

3.) Set the Mood to Kiss Passionately

If you want your kiss to be passionate then you need to set the right mood. It doesn’t mean that you need to throw rose petals everywhere and light some candles. You should be at some place where you both can focus on each other.

  • Don’t jump while kissing. Don’t just focus on the lips. After a few first kisses on the lips, move your lips away. Breathe into your partner’s skin, you will feel more sensual and romantic.

4.) Start Slowly and Tilt Your Head Slightly to Kiss Passionately

Lean in signals that you want to kiss your partner and tilt your head. Do it slowly and don’t try to put your tongue into your partner’s mouth right away. Take some time and test the water by doing it slowly. Take your time between each kiss. You just press your lips against your partner’s lips. Close your eyes to increase intimacy.

5.) Linger Between Kisses to Kiss Passionately

Kiss your partner slowly and let it last for a few seconds. Slowly draw your lips slowly and keep them close to your partner’s lips so that they are touching. Touch your partner’s face and shoulders with your hands while kissing. The lingering will help to build the passion and it will capture your partner’s full attention.

6.) Slightly Open Your Lips to Kiss Your Partner

Once you have kissed your partner, now try to open your lips slightly. Try varying the openness of your lips throughout the kiss. Explore your partner’s lips and tongue a bit with the tip of your tongue. As the kiss progresses, you can try French kiss. Put your tongue lightly into your partner’s mouth and let it play with your partner’s tongue.

7.) Get Aggressive to Kiss Passionately

Passion is nothing without sensuous aggression. If you have been kissing your partner for a few seconds or minutes then push your partner’s face back by holding the hair at the back of their head or with your lips. This is the way to take a perfect romantic kiss and turn it into something passionate and sexy. Get aggressive when you are experiencing a sexual high while kissing.

8.) Keep It Wet to Kiss Passionately

Wet kisses are very passionate. When you kiss your partner then your partner needs to feel your moistens on their lips. Part your lips enough while kissing your partner and if your kiss is wet then it will leave your partner with a good experience. Kissing your partner’s neck or anywhere else will make your kiss passionate. A cool sensation will make you feel sexy and full of passion while making out.

9.) Use Your Hands to Kiss Passionately

Keep your hands busy while kissing. It would be a great kiss if you use your hands. Embrace your partner and pull him or her towards you. Run your hands through his or her hair, caress his or her back or other parts of the busy. Wrap your hands around your partner as it will be a big turn on. Soft sensual touches will always have a way to bring more passion and romance in the air.

10.) Don’t Get Distracted to Kiss Passionately

Whether people walking around you or fireworks going off behind you, don’t let yourself become distracted. If you look around while kissing, then your partner is going to feel a little rejected. Don’t get distracted by what is happening around you. Keep your focus on your partner’s lips. You just close your eyes and enjoy the sensation. If you are distracted then your partner will not feel the intimate connection. Nothing will fascinate you more than the sensation of kissing.

Other Tips to Kiss Passionately:

  • Keep your bodies close while kissing.
  • Don’t kiss too hard, especially if you have braces. It may hurt your partner.
  • Don’t eat breath killing foods such as onions and garlic.
  • Try to suck or lick the lower lip of your partner.
  • If you want clean breath, clean your tongue with a soft-bristled toothbrush and water. Rub the toothbrush on your tongue and then rinse it with water.
  • A passionate kiss is not only about kissing your partner on lips, it is also about kissing your partner’s ears, cheeks, neck or other parts of the body.
  • Remember, don’t kiss your partner too hard or give hickeys unless your partner wants.
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