‘Trump is a problem for the world’

The European Parliament President, Martin Schulz, said on Thursday in Berlin that if United States Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the election in November, it would be problematic for the entire world and encourage copycats in Europe.

He said, “Trump is not only a problem for the EU, but also for the whole world.

“If a man who shows off by not having a clue and by saying that specialist knowledge is elitist rubbish ends up in the White House, a critical point will have been reached.”

Schulz, who is also a German centre-left Social Democrat, said that “such a scenario would mean that there is an obviously irresponsible man sitting in a position that demands the utmost sense of responsibility”.

He added that he was concerned that Trump getting into power would spur copycats in Europe.

“That’s why I want Hillary Clinton to win,” he added.