How to Show a Guy that You Like Him

How to Show a Guy that You Like Him

Steps to Show a Guy that You Like Him

1.) Look Good Around Him

Dressing to impress is very beneficial when you want to show a guy that you like him. When you will especially dress for him and get ready for him then he will think that he is special for you. He will also get to know that you do like him that is why you dress specially for him. Dressing well around him will also give you a confidence in talking to him. When we look good we stay motivated and feel positive about it. Looking good always around him will also make him feel that he is important for you.

2.) Flirt With Him

Flirting will make him aware of your feelings for him. When you will flirt with him then he will get to know of your feelings and he will also get to know that you want to be more than just friends. If you want to show a guy that you like him then you will need to give him hints that you want him in your life. Flirting also creates a bond between two as it is light and fun. you can speak in a soft voice while talking to him.

3.) Show Interest in Body Language

Subtle hints and gestures will tell him more than you can tell by using words. Show him that you like him by using your body language. You can give following gestures to show a guy that you like him.

  • Break eye contact: To show a guy that you like you, you not only need to make an eye contact but also, break eye contact in between and look at the floor to appear shy in front of him. this will give him hints that you like him. You can also look at his lips in between.
  • Play with your locks: Play with your hair locks in a while to give hints to the guy that you like him.
  • Smile whenever you see him: You smile will make him feel welcomed and he will like it. Also, it will make him feel that you have feelings for him.

4.) Show Him that You are Available

Tell him that you want a boyfriend. Do not tell him to be your boyfriend but make him realize that you are available not taken. This might tend him to think that you might like to have him in his life. Mention what qualities you want in your boyfriend and tell him playfully that he is not a bad option. This action will definitely make him aware that you like him. Tell him casually that you haven’t dated anyone for a while and wants to date someone. These are direct hints and it must make him aware of your feelings.

5.) Show Jealousy to Show a Guy that You Like Him

This is a great way to show a guy that you like him. People only get jealous when they have interest for that person and he too knows it very well. When he gives more attention to other girls then get a bit angry this will make him aware of your feelings. You can also show your jealousy by teasing him for being with other girls. Everyone has a different way to show jealousy you can use your own way. Guys are bad at catching girl’s sudden change in behavior therefore, this trick will work better when he knows you well.

6.) Care About Him

We care for those whom we love. When you will care for him he will get to know that he is not just a casual friend for him instead she likes you. Care for him genuinely do not show the fake care. Take an interest in his life and get to know about him to take his better care. You can show your care for him by asking him how his day was. You can try cheering him up when he is not feeling well. He will appreciate your efforts and soon will realize that you care about him a lot. And eventually, he will get to know about your feelings for him.

7.) Take Interest in His Interests

In today’s world, people do not bother to think about anyone else. When you want to show a guy that you like him you need to show him that things which matter to him also matters to you. If he likes sports then try to know about it. At least get to know his favorite player and support him when he plays he will feel glad. If he likes any particular movie then watch it or if he has a favorite book then read it. It will help you to know him more and will give you new topics to talk to him.

8.) Let Him Know About Your Feelings

If he is too naive and still is unaware of your feelings then you should try to tell him directly. Share your feelings with him and wait for his response. Choose a place which will be suitable to talk about it such as less crowded place as it will not make him feel hesitant and you both will be able to talk freely. Stay calm and confident while sharing your feelings and do it without worrying about the outcomes. Also, accept the answer whole heartedly and in a positive way.