Late Cancer Patient, Ahmed Mayowa, Reportedly Buried In South Africa (Details)

Ahmed Mayowa
Nigerians showed their generosity when a dying cancer patient reached out to them through the help of Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu.

A total of 100 million was gathered and controversy soon struck about the funds when some media personality disclosed it was all a fraud.

After much investigation by the police, it was discovered that it was not anywhere near false especially when Mayowa’s family spoke out.

Afterwards, she was flown to South Africa for treatment but sadly passed away just 10 days after her arrival in the country.

It shocked many who were hopeful that she would get better after she was admitted in a South African hospital.

After news of her demise, it was expected that her remains would be brought to Nigeria, but to the amazement of many, she was laid to rest over there.

Amidst all questioning on why such decision was made, here is what was gathered from a close source who spoke with Encomium.

“Shukurat Mayowa Ahmed died in South Africa and has since been buried according to Muslim rites. Not that there was no money to fly her corpse back to Nigeria. After all, the police have lifted embargo on her bank account to enable the family access enough fund to take care of her and every other expense concerning her. And now that she couldn’t survive the ailment, the best thing is to bury her immediately in South Africa so far she was a Muslim. I think that was what happened. May her soul rest in peace?”