Rukky Sanda Pushes Mercy Aigbe Aside in Public

Rukky Sanda

Wanting to maintain relevance in the entertainment industry, some female celebrities have began finding solace in fashion as they now rock various designs to various events and hangouts just to be noticed.

Well, they might be dressing to kill while some of them actually get those clothes just to model for a particular designer of which they will later have to return the clothes to the designer.

For actress, Mercy Aigbe, it is obvious that being a boutique owner, she dresses in most of her stock just to create awareness about her designs and when she steps out, it shows that she has good makeup artist who ensures that her good looks flashes when she steps out.

But Mercy is gradually being pushed aside by a fellow competitor in the industry who has strategically positioned herself towards becoming a strong contender when it comes to dressing and that fellow, Rukky Sanda has emerged as the contender.

Rukky, has got those slim fit looks, sexy body and the height that will everly attract men around her and her regular choice of fashion has given her that unique presence wherever she steps into she has been able to lure many into liking her personality as she goes about lavishing huge about of money on designer wears.

Sometimes one just has to accept defeat and Mercy needs to know Rukky is in for business as far as fashion is concern. But do you agree.

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