How to Forget a Person

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how to forget a person

Best Ways to Forget a Person:

1.) Don’t Meet or See the Person

You can’t forget a person if you still see that person all the time or constantly hear about that person’s activities. Don’t run into that person during your day to day activities. If you go to any place at the same time or you take the same route then try to change your schedule.

  • For this time, avoid social gatherings or parties where you know he or she can be present. Politely explain to the host that you want to stay away only because you want to avoid that painful encounter.

2.) Don’t Use Electronic Device to Forget a Person

In today’s time, people use phones, laptop etc. People connect with each other with these resources. Even if you don’t see the person, it is too easy to know what they are up to. Though it may seem too rude, remove the person from all the social media that you use.

  • Delete that person’s contact information from your email account and phone.
  • Block him or her from your Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • You can also change your email address.

3.) Tell Your Mutual Friends to Stop Updating About that Person

If your mutual friends forget and accidentally mention about that person to you, then gently remind them that you don’t want to hear about that person.  Remove all the things that bring painful memories of this person. Don’t look at these things daily as it will help you to move on. Delete any songs that remind you of that person you want to forget.

4.) Don’t Think About the Revenge

If you are thinking about how to take revenge on someone then you can’t move on and forget. Try to get over the things. Believe in karma, higher power or some form of cosmic justice. Try to get peace in your life. Living happily is the best revenge. Show him or her that you are happy without him or her.

5.) Take Time to Express Your Feelings to Forget a Person

If you have tried everything and still not resist thinking about that person then try a new approach. Set a limited amount of time to sit down and write down all of your feelings about what happened. Once time is gone or you have run out of things, then close the document and put it somewhere. If necessary, grant yourself for 10 to 15 minutes each day to feel emotional. This will help you to feel good.

6.) Distract Your Mind to Forget a Person

Try to control your thoughts. Don’t think about the thinks which may hurt you. Busy yourself with work, school or any project that will keep your mind distracted. If you have other things to think about, then it will keep your mind focused.

  • If you find yourself thinking of them then shift your attention. Find someone to talk to, play any game or anything else that may keep your attention.

7.) Don’t Listen to Emotional Music or See Movies

If you are trying to forget a person then it may lead to mood swings and depression. You may feel that you are helpless. The last thing that you need to do is to keep the music you listen to upbeat and watch only good TV or movies.

  • Your friends also help you to keep the things light and airy to keep your mind off the things. When you need to boost up, call your friends and they will know what to do to make you feel better.

8.) Value Yourself to Forget a Person

Being valuing yourself is important to realize that you were right. That person didn’t treat you right. Surround yourself with people who value you. Always, keep in mind your self-worth. Do your best and forget about everything.

  • Replace the time you have spent with that person with a new activity. Pick up a hobby you always want to try, join a sports league or start a new form of exercise. Whatever you want to do, it should be interesting that you can’t manage to think of anything else.

9.) Surround Yourself with Family and Friends

Keeping your mind busy is important and the best way to do this is to keep yourself positive and surround yourself with amazing people who care about you. They will keep you laughing and do a million of things to make you happy.

  • It also important to stay healthy when you are going through a painful situation. Eating right and exercising is the best way to feel energized and positive about yourself and your circumstances.
  • Get a balanced diet like fiber, protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.
  • Aim to exercise for half an hour a day whether it is swimming, running, walking or even dancing.

10.) Forgive and Forget a Person

In the end, forgetting him or her is virtually impossible to do. If you still can’t forget him or her then think like they are just a human and things happen.

  • Forgive yourself or try to forgive that person also. Maybe you hold grudges against yourself and others but remember you think what you thought was right. No one is at fault or to blame. Let the past be past and keep moving in your life. Let the time heal all wounds. In this way, you canforget about a girl or guy easily.
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