In Recession, Emem Isong Cuts Cost into Acting

Emem Isong
It is not always about being behind the cameras either producing or directing her own movies, Nollywood producer, Emem Isong, is set to delve into another line of the big screen.

Emem, who has been on maternity leave for a while has decided to prove to some actresses who feel they can charge anyhow that she is also good when it comes to acting.

But could this not the challenges the Nigerian economy is going through as there is no funds to employ the services of actresses which is why she is set to show her skills to cut cost?

Well, it’s her choice as she announced that it was time to show off her skills in popular romantic movie, ‘Cougars’ season 2 which has the likes of Nse Ikpe Etim, Kachi, and others.

“It’s about time I got in front of the camera and show off my acting skills,” she revealed.