Marketers Have Pushed Real Movie Producers to the Village says Sola Fosudo

Sola Fosudo
Veteran Nollywood actor, Sola Fosudo, is not happy with the way the Nigerian movie industry is being run and in his opinion; he has criticized the said position of Nollywood which is being said to be the third largest movie industry in the world.

He argued that Nollywood should not be given such position because the term ‘Nollywood’ is like a philosophy adding that there is nothing special about the industry as there is nothing like cinema movie industry.

Sola pointed out that the Nigerian cinema film industry is in a position just like the Nigerian football as marketers have taken over the industry chasing the real producers back to the village.

According to him while speaking with TVC Art Express, monitored byNigeriafilms, he said, “It is wrong to say we are the third largest in the world. Nigerian cinema film industry we are in the position like football. If you say video film business I will understand but when it comes to cinema movies, we don’t have. Where are the cinema industries? In those cinemas that we have, do they show Nigerian films and if they do, how many Nigerian films do they show.

“If you go to India and Hollywood, they show their own movie but in Nigeria cinemas we don’t. Nollywood is like a concept or philosophy. In Nigeria once you produce a movie and give to the marketer, they will cheat you by saying we no sell o. So the marketers are the ones producing, acting and even directing, that is why they have pushed private people like us out of the system. Where are the people producing the movies, they have gone to their villages.”