I Can Perform on camera without clothes if There Is a Reason For It- Actor Frank Artus

Frank Artus
If there is one guy who is not scared of acting without clothes on, it is Nollywood actor Frank Artus.

He is not scared of acting without clothes. When you see him, he is a quiet and intelligent person by nature. He is more like an introvert; not sociable kind of person who always stay indoors. However, when it comes to the make believe business, he is another person.

He talks about his daughter that most people are not aware of “I don’t like to discuss my relationship in the public. I’m cool with that but I do have a daughter. I encourage my children to do whatever they desire, provided I’m going to guide them. I tell my children the positive and negative sides of everything. And I will guide them through it.”

For those who are copying him “I will advise them not to copy what I do in movies. What I act in movies is not the real me. There is a difference between what I do on screen and my personal life. Frank is a crazy guy on screen and everybody knows that, so they should try and follow my personal lifestyle and not what I do in movies.”

On a burning note, most of his fans see him as a s8x symbol”Obviously not, sometimes my friend will say ‘people see you like this but they don’t even know you’. That is how it should be. And that is why I don’t want the youth to look at me as such. And that’s why I said they shouldn’t copy what I do in movies. No, that is not me, it is just a character.” When asked if he can act without clothes “It depends on the script. There should be a reason for it.”