Actress Angela Okorie Lost Her PA ,in Mourning

Angela Okorie
Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, is currently bereaved as she just lost her personal assistant, Ebuka Antony.

The actress, who did not reveal the case of his death described the late Ebuka as a very loyal and humble fellow and until he succumb to the cold hands of death at the hospital.

Angela, in tears urged people to always extend a hand of fellowship to others as it is what will always add value to the lives of others.

According to her, “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and still lose his soul, what impacts can you say you made in people’s life? No matter how rich you think you are how you treat people matters alot. Am glad that every soul I’ve met I made an impact in their lives one way or the other Ebuka Antony was my PA untill death took him away this evening, am glad I made an impact in his life, I saw him at d hospital and prayed with him, I can’t question God anyways , Ebuka was a loyal Boy, very intelligent, full of life, it’s hard to say this but I have to “MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE EBUKA” I ,your family, and Nollywood will surely miss you, sleep well my brother.”