I’m Don’t care what People Say About Me says Omawumi

Singer, Omawumi, has been silent for a while especially after child birth as she has been busy taking care of the home front and ensuring that the family feels her presence at home.

The singer has got lots of bullies who keep lashing at her that she is adding weight an needed to control it but she is never bothered by this as she keeps eating and looking happy.

No time for workout though because to her, there is no big deal with her body size as many are seeing it but she has come to give people a piece of her mind.

She stated that she can’t be bothered about what is being said about her because she has come to accept the real person she is.

In her words, This is my b**ch resting face which can also mean ‘honesty,’ I can’t be bothered. I have come to own and accept the real me, when /if I have to change my body. I may do it, so till then, this my response to ‘Omawumi is fat.’ So I’ve added a few kilos, omawumi is beautiful jare.”