Rita Edochi Issue over Makeup

Rita Edochi
Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has slammed critics who complain about the way she does her makeup.

The actress blasts her critics on her social media handle by telling them to back off and mind their business.  She stated that she was very much satisfied with her makeup style. That is her brand. It makes her different from every other person.

Rita noted that the problem with people is that when they see pictures of people that are half dressed they commend them or naturally keep mute because they enjoy such pictures. She assured her critics that they continue to see her in such make up because she loves it the way it is.

“One man’s meat…..when you see most of them that are almost nude, you don’t say anything because they are the kind of pictures you all like. You will keep seeing my make-up (black pencil) and will keep getting scared until you get off or you learn how to mind your business. Chaaaaiiiii I Love myself so so much.”..She wrote

You would agree that people love to see celebrities look their best with professional touch but when their expectation is not met, when a celeb does things outside what is obtainable among other celebrity , they will suddenly attract critics. Just like Rita Edochie has done.