Singer Maheeda Reveals Her Marriage is still ongoing

Controversial singer, Maheeda, is gradually retracing her steps and she started by allowing her skin return to the way it should be which is dark after several years of toning.

Maheeda known for her raunchy pictures had given many avenues to lash at her on several occasions with many asking how she makes her money and how her husband gives her the support.

Some even asked if she is still with her husband and how she wants her daughter to live a good life after seeing all what she posts on social media.

Well, Maheeda does not have time dirty talks as she has come out to reveal her happy family especially the man whose shoulder she can easily run to cry on.

“First you become a success inside you, in your private life, then the rest will follow!!! Success begins from inside you!!! Haha. My daughter is grown I did a great job, thanks to my Hero the one whose shoulders are my heartbeat… I’m grateful and thank you all for your love, Osheeey,” she wrote.