Couple dances with Star Wars costume on

 You may have seen couples dance to ‘Watch me Naenae’, but surely you have not seen any do it in Star Wars costume!

British Bride, Kathryn Holloway decides surprises her Star Wars fan groom, Phillip Wood a major surprise, so she went on to join forces with Britain’s Got Talent Finalists Boogie Storm to give him and their wedding guests a grand surprise.

During the wedding which took place in Spain, the couple asked the dance group to perform some popular moves when the time for the first dance arrived.

The couple dancing in their Star Wars costume.The couple dancing in their Star Wars costume.


That was indeed what the group did, treating the excited audience to songs which included “Gangnam Style,” “Single Ladies,” and other hit music.

Towards the end of the video came another exciting moment where Darth Vader appeared and it turns out to be the groom!

Even more surprise when one of the storm troopers took off her helmet and it turns out that… it was the bride dancing along the entire time with Boogie Storm! What a moment!

The couple congratulating each other after unveiling their faces (Youtube)

Must have taken sometime to master the moves, of course, seeing how they seamlessly went from move to move.

Holloway, 31, told DailyMail later that she “wanted it to be a complete surprise, and it definitely was!”

This, right here, is probably one wedding dance theme that must have been well observed from the galaxies of course.

And the Internet, [including us at Pulse Weddings] will not forget in a while!