School Event:an MC Dancing with a Primary 6 student sexually in Public

School event
Just wondering what our children are being taught in schools and how school authority can really tolerate some atom of indiscipline all in the name of having fun.

An MC was spotted dancing with a primary 6 pupils in a compromising manner in front of other junior pupils during the school’s event.

The MC held the girl tightly while groping his “propeller” on her goodies. A dance move that passes negative message in the mind of the pupils watching.

The picture generated a lot of mixed feelings when posted on line as somewhere of the opinion that there was no string attached. Others categorically said it was immoral.

Someone asked a question that should become a food for thought for many. He said, “if you walk into the premises at the time and happen to see the event MC groping on your little angelic daughter, how would you feel”?

I think that answers the question of whether the dance was right or wrong.