Room 315 movie by Niyi Akinmolayan

Directed by Niyi Akinmolayan and produced by Emmanuel Uduma, “Room 315” is an open project which has its talented cast and crew providing their services for free.

Tina Mba and Bimbo Manuel in "Room 315" Tina Mba and Bimbo Manuel as Edwina and Dr. Stone in “Room 315”

 an, will shoot the short film “315.”

A short film written by Abosi Ogba, who won the scriptwriting competition held by Akinmolayan in July, 2016, the film follows the story of a psychotherapist, his patients, their sessions and his past.

The short film which has been described as a joint effort has been met with positive responses, and also has talented filmmakers volunteering to be a part of the project.

Greg OJ and Jessica Opara will play Adam and Ninarespectively. Veterans Tina Mba and Bimbo Manuel also volunteered to play Edwina and Dr Stone respectively.