Find out How Quincy Ayodele was Proposed

 Herbal slimming expert, Quincy  Ayodele
Herbal slimming expert, Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele, who has been married to her husband, John Oladipo the past 34 years has finally opened up on how John proposed to her in those days when romance was still in its naïve state.

He said “We met when he came to do a project behind our house in Abeokuta, Ogun State. He was working with the National Electric Power Authority in those days and I recall that he was building the power station behind our house. I used to just stand in front of the house to do my laundry and other chores. On one of those days that he passed by, he came to my house and made passes at me. I told him he would have to meet my father who would make enquiries about him. That was how it was done back then. So, my father went to his home town.”

Talking about how he proposed to her “In those days, he could not come directly to propose to me so he had to go through my father. He told him he wanted to marry me and it was after my father gave his consent that he used some sort of mathematics to propose to me. He cited an equation that x and y would always meet at an infinite point. I did not understand what he meant. I innocently said there was no way they would meet.”

Hear what he calls her hubby “We call ourselves ‘D,’ meaning Darling, but along the line, I started calling him ‘my lord’ because if you go back to the Bible, Sarah used to call Abraham her lord. Sometimes, he calls me my praise name in my local Egba language.