I Can never Commit Suicide, no Matter what- Actor, Yomi Fash Lanson tells Fan

Yomi Fashlanson
The scary post shared by the Veteran Yoruba actor, Yomi FashLanso on his social media platform really caused a lot of reactions from his fans.

The message in the post which read,” Just saying, but I know most of you would not even care, one day I will leave this world and never come back again “ left his fans thinking that he was passing through psychological depression and was about to commit suicide.

Yomi realizing how much his post has stirred up concern from his fans,cleared the air by saying,” It’s purely a reflective post, nothing more. Not meant to hurt my friend’s feelings emotional or otherwise. Or to whip up sympathy or create attention I’m so sorry to put you all on the edge, I did that out of my quite moment on set yesterday night in Enugu when we had a 5mins break and my phone was permanently on silence. My co actors will understand that.

He urged his fans not to worry about him because nothing would ever make him attempt suicide.
“Don’t worry I’m not suicidal or anything near it. Yomi FashLanso is a fun loving guy with zero tolerance for worries. Its just that we all need to have our quite moments and during my quite moments I reflect on a lot if things that I sometime use to readjust my way of life.
Yesterday’s post was one of it” he added.