Men Are Liars-Veteran Yoruba Actress, Iya Rainbow Asserts

Iya Rainbow
Veteran Yoruba Actress, Esther Idowu Philips also known as Iya Rainbow has revealed the reason why she did not remarry.

She said men are liars. The actress must have passed through various unpleasant experiences from men for her to draw the conclusion that men are not honest despite the fact that she has five grown up males.

She recounted her last experience with a man who claimed to love and promise to marry her I suppose.

In her narration she said, “One of them used to come to my house when I was on the Island. He came to my house one night and met my children eating a full bowl of eba and egusi soup. When they finished and went out, he asked me: who were those people? And I told him: my children. He asked: all of them? And I said yes. That was the last time I saw him. He never came back again. That is just to show you they are all liars. They will just use you anyhow and tell you, ‘I will see you tomorrow and they will never come back’. I can never subject myself to that.