Doctor Says, Uche Jumbo’s Delayed Haircut For Her Kid Was Risky

Uche Jumbo
Nollywood celebrity, Uche Jumbo Rodriguez, recently celebrated the first haircut of her baby through her social medial platform.

 Her instagram post reads, “ 18 months old and first hair cut. Matthew Kenney-Chinedu Rodriguez is in deep thought….by @dukeaustin thank you uncle Austin I love this shot”.

A doctor took out time to explain that the Nollywood actress took basic risks in delaying her son’s hair cut. The doctor who rather pleads anonymity explained that as a half-caste baby, his long hairs would contain static electricity which can make a child very uncomfortable. He also stressed that food has a better chance of ending up in a long hair than in a short hair and that could cause some unhealthy issues for the baby”. The Nigerian actress, s