Check out Sola Sobowale in Her Attire

Sola Sobowale
Veteran Yoruba actress, Sola Sobowale has really proven that she cannot be beaten by age as she continues to radiate with much vigor despite her age.

Sobowale who has been out of the country twenty years ago is now back as she shares her smashing pictures on her social media platform.

The actress is also working on an NGO on family values. Speaking about the aim of the NGO she said, “This should turn people’s lives around to understand what parenting is. We want our children to stop doing drugs; we want our children to stop prostitution. In Nectar, you will find some of those values in it. When you govern your home well, you will govern your office well, and then you can govern your local government to an international level. Some people are very rich, but when you see their children you will cry for them. So, this is why I am back on screen, telling people how they can do things in the right way”.

See how lovely she looks in her photos.