Lilian Esoro Adresses Ex-husband That No one is rich to buy Yesterday

Lilian Esoro
Nollywood actress, Lilian Esoro who recently broke up her marriage with the TripleMG boss Ubi Franklin has written some strange write up presumed to be directed to both her ex-husband and herself.
She captioned it as ” No one is rich enough to buy yesterday But if you hustle hard enough, tomorrow could be yours You get what you focus on”Could it be that she is telling her ex that no matter how rich he is, he can not buy the joy and the things they shared together before their marriage crashed or is she saying that despite the restaurant he built in her name as a way of appealing to her to work out the union, it was not enough to make up for all the pains she has suffered in the marriage.

Lilian who said that “If you study hard, tomorrow could be yours is simply advising herself to work hard,  stay focus and she would achieve more than she could ever get staying with Ubi Franklin.


It would be recalled that October 30 Ubi Franklin opened his super-duper Restaurant and Bar, TiltTerrace and it was well attended by friends, fans and well wishers. But noticeably absent was his beautiful wife Lilian.

Also, Lilian Esoro had said that the much celebrated wedding ended about few months ago over alleged infidelity and domestic abuse.