Maybe Its Time We Stop Running To America Everytime  – Mavins Di’ja says

There have been mixed feelings about the just concluded USA Presidential elections which Rebulican flag bearer Donald Trump won the race.

However a lot of Nigerians in American are unstable now following speculations that they could be thrown out of the country but Mavin star, Di’Ja is standing strong with Nigerians saying there are other countries other than America.

In an open letter, the Sowemo singer said it maybe time for Nigerians to stop running to America. She said;

“Maybe it is time to stop running to America every time we have a problem in our country. It takes hitting rock bottom to hit Reset! This election should remind you there are other countries asides America.

The American election should just remind you to love yourself and fix your own country. That way u have a place they cannot drive u from!”