Sally Dadzie Okadabooks sold up to N150,000 in a month

Author Sally Kenneth Dadzie has set a new monthly OkadaBooks record primarily from sales of her critically acclaimed book The Fourth Finger

She now holds the record for the highest paid downloads for any single author on the platform with over N150,000 in sales on

Sally, better known for her works on her website joined the okadabooks platform late last year and has since been one of the platforms hottest selling authors with her solid and captivating romance novels including The Fish Brain Madhouse Series, Novocaine Knights, It’s AnotherSaturday and many more.

The most exciting thing about Sally’s success is that none of her books are printed, they are all e-books generated from her numerous and exciting blog series.

And her success is gradually showing that every day bloggers and authors like you and me can actually make a living from our writings.

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