‘Don’t accept money from politicians’

A political scientist, Mr Jide Ojo has called on the electorate to eschew money politics in order to promote democracy, enhance electoral system and good governance in the country.

Ojo made the call on Saturday in Abuja as the governorship election in Ondo State is underway.

He said that the call became necessary to enable voters elect the right candidates and hold them accountable while in office, if need be.

The political scientist stressed that voting for the right candidates in an election through free will of the electorate would boost the process of providing the nation with the desired leadership.

According to him, the uninterrupted democratic dispensation in Nigeria since 1999 will be deep rooted if the right candidates are elected based on peoples’ right to choose their leaders without prejudice.

“Election is the best way to elect leaders; however, the electorate must eschew money politics.

“When people take money from politicians, they forget the bad side of it.

“When you collect the money to vote a candidate, you will not have what it takes to look at him or her in the eyes to make reasonable demand for the community,’’ Ojo said.

He also cautioned the electorate not to succumb to the pressure by politicians to be used as agents of distabilisation in the country.

“The politicians are not only looking at buying the votes alone, they are also looking at loopholes to explore, so people should not allow themselves to be used to disrupt the process.

“If you have a candidate you support based on his pedigree, promises or achievements, you can mobilise people to vote him into power and by that you are contributing to good governance.’’