How I survived Lagos hotel accident – Bishop Okah, PFN Vice…

The Vice President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (South-South), Bishop Simeon Okah, who had a terrible accident at a popular Lagos hotel when he mistakenly slipped into a six-foot gutter near a swimming pool, said he survived the incident by special intervention.

Okah, who is the Presiding Bishop of Flock of Christ Mission in Enerhen-Effurun, Delta State, who celebrated his survival from the unfortunate incident on Sunday narrated how he narrowly cheated death noting that the incident could have claimed his life.

The PFN leader had the accident two Wednesdays ago at a Lagos hotel during a Ministers Conference but it was rumoured that the popular television preacher died from the incident.

The cleric played the Closed-circuit television footage of the incident to over five thousand audience who had joined him at a thanksgiving service to mark his survival. He said the incident happened when he was exercising and taking a walk near the hotel’s swimming pool.

The bishop whose right leg was severely injured in the incident was assisted into the church by other senior ministers of God from across the country as he could not walk by himself from the injuries sustained in the almost-fatal accident.

He narrated that there was nobody at the poolside to rescue him from the pit as there was no swimming guard nor security officer at the time the accident occurred. He added that he had to struggle to get out of the gutter before he fell unconscious.

Okah said, “In a nutshell, I was waiting for Dr. Felix Omobude so we could eat because he was in another hotel. I decided to walk round the swimming pool for at least 25 minutes.

“What really caused the accident was my purse I was looking for. Immediately I turned, I never knew there was a gutter besides me and one of my legs went into it making me to use my head to hit the concrete and then I landed on the ground. The greatest miracle was that there was no scratch or damage on my head.”

The televangelist narrated further, “The water in the gutter was a little bit above me. I would have drowned if I was not used to swimming. I tried to get up but I could not. It was then I became unconscious but I heard a voice speaking to me (which is voice of God) which said ‘be still’ and I calmed down. After a while, same voice spoke to me to now stand up.”

While describing his survival as a miracle, he noted that he was unconscious for over 30 minutes on the floor and that few staff that saw him battling on the floor walked away thinking he was exercising before being rushed to Ikeja Hospital for treatment.

Okah, who was joined in the thanksgiving service by his wife, Dr. Comfort and children, National President of PFN, Bishop Felix Omobude, Archbishop Avwomakpa, chairman, Niger Delta Bishops’ Forum, Rev. Ben Eregbai and a host of other clergies, said he was responding to treatment.

When asked whether he would press legal charges against the hotel for negligence, Bishop Okah said he had forgiven the management of the hotel since they had apologised to him.