Granfather of Corruption: Jibrin defends Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo comment about house of members

Suspended lawmaker, Abdulmumin Jibrin, has defended former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who at a public lecture in Lagos on Wednesday November 23rd, described the National Assembly as a den of robbers. In this statement, Jibrin said Obasanjo’s comment about members of the House is very true. He also took a swipe at the Chairman of the House Committee o Media and Publicity, who at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday November 24th, described President Obasanjo as the grandfather of corruption. Read the full statement below:

“When the whole country is commending former president Obasanjo for his characteristically blunt and honest statements on the National Assembly, only the shameless Speaker Dogara and his corrupt cabal in the House of Representatives can use their chief propagandist the naive, inexperience, corrupt and poorly trained chairman of the House media committee to make a fool of the House for the umpteenth times by throwing all sort of venoms yet failing flat to address the allegations with facts and figures.

It is a time many Nigerians expect that in the face of such glaring facts of budget fraud and massive corruption, the House under Speaker Dogara will at best keep quite, go into sober reflection, act decisively on allegations of budget fraud and internal corruption and commence implementing reforms urgently to sanitize the House and it’s processes. But alas, the House will want to grand stand, to prove what? Even if Obasanjo did not speak out, he has severally anyway, do they think Nigerians are not aware of the dark story of the green chamber?

I wish to state categorically clear as a cognate member with a deep inside knowledge of the House having served as Chairman finance and Later Appropriation committee simultaneously that all what former president Obasanjo said is TRUE. It amazes me that only Speaker Dogara and his cohorts like Namdas seems not to realize that Nigerians are fully aware of the monumental budget fraud and corruption in the House.

It is also important to state clearly that the ill intended and fraudulent statements usually dished out by Namdas are not a representation of majority members of the House. I know for sure that severally members have expressed deep anger over statements released by Namdas purportedly on their name. The fact is that, the Speaker and his corrupt cabal usually dictates to Namdas what to say or write without seeking consensus of members. And in many of such instances they apologize after using the House as an institution to perpetrate the nonsense. This must stop!

Let me respond specifically to some of the assertions of Namdas in his response to former president Obasanjo