Bisi Alimi takes home the Campaigner of the year award, 2016 European Diversity Awards

Nigerian gay rightd activist, Bisi Alimi-Davis, yesterday clinched the Campaigner of the year award at the 2016 European Diversity Awards. Bisi who got married to his husband, Anthony Davis, earlier this month, shared the good news on social media.

“Still basking in the delight of last night and the honour that I have the privilege of holding in my hand. Sometimes, when this kind of thing happens and i am humbled by it, my husband will say ‘wow to think you just arrived here less than 10yrs ago and look at how much impact you have made?’. Holding this in my hand as the highly commended award was and still a great honour. I am still giggling and my head still spinning from too much alcohol. Thank you all for all the good wishes”he wrote