GMBC-Having a thousand follower or taking a good selfie doesn’t make you a model

Taking good selfies or having a thousand followers/likes doesn’t make you a model. It takes dedication, hard work, poise and the right attitude if you want to become the next Agbani Darego, Tyra Banks, Giselle Bundchen etc. then GMBC is for you…

GMBC (Gwen’s Modelling Boot Camp) was created to raise a new generation of models with no size or age restrictions. Put together by internationally trained super model Gwendolyn Ananti, it promises to bring out the best in models working in the Nigerian fashion industry.

Auditions are ABSOLUTELY FREE and will be taking place at Shop and Play, Wuse 2 Abuja on the 2nd of December for the lucky ones that’ll get into the camp as limited spaces are available.

The boot camp proper starts on the 3rd of December, 2016.  Selected models will camp for 3 nights at the prestigious Sandralia hotel where they would work with respected industry professionals like Makeup artists Jide Of Stola, Bookie Lavida, Joan, Ronaldthe7th, Mascoteda, Inereexpression, and  Vugo . Photographers Simi Vijay, Ejike Manny, Imagio Photography, and Big H. Fashion designers  Dzyn, Falketribe, Zarita Couture,  Mina Stones, Youdiii, & Fabrics and Beyond. The list is endless all in a bid to perfect your flaws.