Check out Google’s Calendar update- it tracks your New Year’s fitness goals easily

The latest update to Google Calendar is designed to help you with any overambitious incredibly sensible fitness goals you may have set yourself for 2017. Building on the existing “Goals in Google Calendar” feature, released last April, the update incorporates data from Google Fit and Apple Health apps to track your achievements and adapt to them as you go.

If you’re not aware, “Goals in Google Calendar” is a little wizard tool that asks what you want to achieve (going to the gym is the usual example) and then finds time in your schedule for appointments. You can set duration and frequency for each work out automatically, and Calendar will send you notifications at the requisite times.

Here’s what health data looks like in the updated Google Calendar app.

With the latest update, health data from wearables and fitness trackers can be viewed right from within the Calendar app, which Google hopes will make it easier to stay on top your goals. The app will even tweak your schedule for you if you fall behind. “Say you set a goal to run at 6:30 every other morning but aren’t actually hitting your stride until 7:15 — Google Calendar has you covered and will adjust accordingly,” said product manager Florian Goerisch in a blog post.